Alice police officers received a tip informing them of narcotics at a residence on the 200 block of Beckman Street on Sunday leads to the discovery of more than 900 grams of marijuana.

Upon arrival, Cpl. Nick Juarez and Officer Nick Reyes made contact with Guillermo Cano Jr., 27, outside the residence who stated he was there to meet a friend, however he did not know the person's name.

Juarez knocked on the door of 21-year-old Arturo De Leon III's residence. When the door was opened Juarez detected a marijuana odor and could see a pile of marijuana in plain view on the kitchen counter, report stated.

The residence was occupied by five adults including De Leon and an infant. De Leon gave the officers consent to search the residence.

Officers attempted to receive consent to search Cano's vehicle however he denied. According to Juarez's report, in plain view on the top pf the passenger seat was a square bundle wrapped in brown tape that contained marijuana.

Further search of the vehicle found another bundle of marijuana. Inside the home, officers located a digital scale, sandwich bags, a bag containing 16 individual bags of marijuana and a plastic bag of marijuana, report stated.

According to Juarez's report, Cano had $336 believed to be from the sell of narcotics.

Also found in the home were three marijuana joints which were claimed by 29-year-old Rodolfo Zambrano.

De Leon and Cano were charged with possession of marijuana over four ounces under five pounds and given a bond of $2,500. According to the report, Cano and De Leon had an estimated total of 969 grams not including the joints on the property.

Zambrano was charged with possession of marijuana under two ounces for the joints and given a bond amount of $250.

They were transported to the Jim Wells County jail. The men were released on Monday afternoon.