The past few weeks have been the most intense for the students of Alice High School as they cope with the start of a new school year. However due to attendance incentives the first six weeks has also been one of excitement.

During the third week of the first 6 weeks it was announced that the class with the highest attendance rate as of Oct. 6th would get a period of free dress. In total the winning class would be entitled to 3 weeks of free dress while in school.

The Sophomore class took it as a personal challenge to redeem themselves after they failed to win the Penny Wars which took place a few weeks ago. At the start of this contest the Sophomores took an early lead but the real question was, will they be able to hold onto it?

On Oct. 5th it was announced that the Sophomores completed their mission and won the challenge. At the close of the event the class of 2018 led the way with an attendance percentage of 96.41% and the Juniors were not far behind with 95.77%.

Congratulations Sophomores and enjoy the 3 weeks of free dress, but remember to wear those school ID cards. Student ID must be warn to qualify for free dress.