Two Alice World War II veterans took a trip to Washington DC on Oct. 2 and 3 where they were honored for their service.

WWII veterans, Marvin “Buck” Muse and Guadalupe Garza, who served in the United States Navy were selected by the Honor Flight San Antonio de Valero for the trip. A total of 15 men from the Coastal Bend area along with other WWII veterans around the nation were honored.

“Veteran Lupe Garza and Buck Muse had a wonderful time in DC,” said former JWC Veterans Services Roberto Juarez via email. Juarez also accompanied Garza and Muse on the trip.

“They were given the royal treatment and enjoyed all the sites and monuments they got to visit,” Juarez said. “There was a special military procession exclusively for San Antonio Honor Flight at the World War II memorial.”

Garza and Muse enlisted in the United States Army and spent their military careers over seas.

Both men returned to a nation trying to recover from the Great Depression.

There were no parades or media waiting for them as they disembarked from their ships like today, Juarez said.

Garza and Muse met with Senator Bob Dole who has always advocated for veterans and pushed hard to build the WWII Memorials.

“All (the) veterans were teary-eyed as they viewed the changing of the guard at The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier,” he said.

The men have finally been recognized for their service to their county.