ALICE - The citizens of Alice showed just how supportive they are for the local football players on Thursday morning when many rose bright and early for a city wide pep rally. The rally took place in the morning hours of 4:30 A.M. and consisted of parents, residents, students, and the Coyote football players.

The crowd on hand was very enthusiastic for the team as well as the school. The morning festivities began with the band playing their first movement to this years half time show “Starry Night.”

The cheerleaders were also on hand to perform their routines for those in attendance as well. Needless to say both groups were filled with school spirit despite the time of day.

This week the Coyotes will be playing against Moody High School on Friday night Oct. 9th. All parents and residents alike are encouraged to attend this weeks game and show their spirit for the team as well.