It seems that these days itís all about phones. So many students and oh so many phones.

Recently we spoke with a member of the Alice High School Staff and asked approximately how many student phones are turned into the office. Being 7 weeks into the school year we were able to get a basic idea as to how many phones they have received thus far.

During the first 6 weeks of school there were about 12 phones total turned into the main office. Currently we are in the first week of the second six weeks and 3 student phones have already been turned in.

Looking at those numbers it appears that the first six weeks had an average of about 2 phones turned in per week. With that in mind 3 turned in this week makes it seem that those numbers may rise as the year goes on.

Projecting into the future if things continue the way they are there is a chance that Alice High School may average between 60 and 180 phones for the year. It is of course possible that the numbers may decline as the semester continues.

School policy states within the handbook that phones turned into the office may be picked up by the students or a parent for a fee of $15 per phone, per incident. With that in mind a high number of phones turned in could still have a positive outcome for the students and their activities.