A theft call made to Alice Police Department Thursday resulted in the discovery of more than 40 bags of heroin at a business on the 400 block of Old San Diego Highway.

Officer Orlando Jasso was dispatched to a business on the 500 block of North Johnson Street for a theft that had occurred. The officer was told the suspect left in a gray truck. However, when the officer located a truck matching the description it was apparent the driver was not involved in the theft.

According to Jasso, he went back to the business and watched the surveillance footage.

“I observed the suspect, Homero Bueno steal a tube of toothpaste,” he stated. “I knew the suspect from previous encounters.”

The officer made his way to a mechanic shop on Old San Diego Highway where Bueno frequented and made contact with 41-year-old Bueno. Bueno gave the officer the stolen item. Jasso advised him that he would be arresting him on a theft charge.

Bueno was being cooperative and asked the officer if he could tell his cousin, who was asleep in another room that he was going to the jail, police said.

“I followed Bueno to a side room and behind a curtain. His cousin, Felipe Bueno was asleep on a brown couch,” Jasso said. “When Felipe was awaken he sat up and I immediately saw a bag containing a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine on the couch.”

Officer Jasso took Homero back into the main room of the building and handcuffed him. Jasso also arrested 48-year-old Felipe Bueno for possession of a controlled substance. At this point, Homero, Felipe and the officer were standing in the main room speaking.

“I'm talking to them and scanning the room when I see a bag with a black tar like substance believed to be heroin stuffed between the wall studs and outer frame of the wall. There is no interior wall,” Jasso said. “I also see another clear bag on the ground so I call the narcotic division.”

A pat down of Felipe Bueno uncovered two more bags of heroin in the left front pocket of his shorts.

After obtaining a search warrant Alice police officers searched the business and discovered scales, clear bags, cocaine and methadone, the officer said.

According to police officers, each bag contained several individual bags of heroin packaged and ready for distribution, a total of 42 individual bags.

During the search, a married couple, Roland Edward Scott, 46, and 30-year-old Caniece Scott were found in another portion of the building with a gun in their possession, officials said.

“We were advised by communications that the firearm was stolen out of Jim Wells County,” Jasso said. “Roland and Caniece Scott were arrested for theft of a firearm.”

All of the suspects were arrested and transported to the Alice PD for processing before taken to the JWC jail.

Felipe Bueno was also charged with manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance.