The family of an Army veteran who served in World War II is asking the public's help in finding information about who may have cut done a flagpole placed at their beloved's plot.

Lydia Villa, daughter of United States Army veteran Eduardo P. Villa Jr., went to visit her father like she has done regularly since his death in 2013.

When she arrived on Wednesday, Sept. 30 she noticed the flagpole which flew the American flag had been cut down. Immediately she contacted family and the Alice Police Department.

Lydia told Officer Tim LaGeese someone had cut down the flagpole and was very upset.

“Someone took a saw and cut the 20 inch pole down,” said Lydia daughter, Marla Mandel. “You can see marks from the saw.”

The pole was bought by the family and erected April 2015 as a birthday gift for their family hero. “We surround the pole with red, white and blue flowers and stones,” Mandel said.

Army veteran Eduardo Villa served his county in the Battle of the Bulge and the Battle of Bastonge. He earned a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star Medal.

The estimated value of the pole is $300. However, the family is not concerned with the financial aspect of the theft, but wonder how someone could take anything from a veteran's grave site.

The family asks anyone with information to contact the Alice Police Department at 361-664-0186.