Two Alice High School students were detained Tuesday morning after school security believed they were possibly under the influence, according to police report.

Officer Jose Saldivar was dispatched to the school and made contact with two teenage students. The security officer advised Saldivar that the two male students had been seen stumbling and ran to the restroom when security attempted to contact them, according to report.

The officer was told the boys emptied tobacco products from the pockets, had slurred speech and could not maintain their balance.

Saldivar spoke with the boys attempting to obtain their names in order to call family members. The boys were identified through their student id cards.

One of the boys was 17-year-old Luis Trigo would not comply with the officer. Saldivar tried to explain to Trigo that he needed family information in order to be released however, Trigo was old enough to go to jail.

Trigo would not comply with the officer. He was arrested and transported to the Jim Wells County jail by an assisting officer. Trigo was charged with public intoxication and minor in possession of tobacco products.

The 16-year-old student was given a three-day suspension by the principal and turned other to a family member who arrived at the school. The family member signed the citation for public intoxication and possession of tobacco by a minor after observing the tobacco product.