The new football facility means a new beginning for Freer ISD. Our small town has always been known for our amazing school pride. Carrying over the pride that was once, and always will be, in memory of the old Buckaroo Stadium into the new Buckaroo Stadium is not only a chance to continue our Buckaroo pride but to grow and strengthen.

“Play with heart, which is what I believe our boys will do with the excitement of playing on the new field,” said Debbie Martinez, athletic secretary. “Not only are the boys happy but everyone that is a part of Freer ISD and the community are proud to be a part of the decision making.

“It’s not every day that an educator is involved in the construction of new facilities, said Conrad Cantu, high school principal. “This new field means a lot to me because I have been a part of the planning process that will be around long after I leave Freer ISD”.

So how does it feel to play in the new stadium? Well, the boys found out this past Friday.

“It felt amazing to step on the field because it was so soft and it looked much bigger being on the field,” said junior Roman Garcia.

“Amazing, the new field felt better than any other field I have ever played on,” said senior Jacob Perez. “It felt professional on the field. It was a feeling I’ll never forget.”

“Actually, I did not get to open up on the new field with my boys but it felt great to get that win,” said senior Michael Escobar. “I’m so proud of the way the field came out and it looks very professional. We still need work for district but we will get there and I’m pretty glad we get to do it on some turf.”