(Family Features) Leaves will soon begin to change into their golden vibrant hues. The aroma of cinnamon, crops being harvested and bonfires will dance in the wind as the autumn breeze begins to cool the air. Fall is right around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about how to decorate for the upcoming season. 

Fall floral arrangements are a great way to add splashes of autumn colors to your home, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving gatherings, fall weddings and much more. To spice up your typical arrangements or to try something new, consider adding grain sorghum to achieve the look you desire this year. 

A grain crop grown here in the United States, sorghum is typically grown within the traditional Sorghum Belt, spanning from South Dakota to the Texas coast. Sorghum is traditionally used in a variety of ways, including livestock feed and ethanol production, and more recently it is gaining popularity as a versatile, American-grown ancient grain for the food industry.

However, many people are discovering creative ways to utilize sorghum in their home. What makes sorghum a perfect addition to your fall decorative masterpieces is the versatility it has to offer. 

Visually pleasing to the eye, sorghum heads are comprised of hundreds of small berries attached to a stalk, which sits approximately four feet tall in the field. Sorghum has a unique color palette spanning from tans, bronzes and whites to browns, all of which are well-suited for your fall beautification projects. 

Embodying an earthy feel, sorghum is nurtured by farmers’ fields across the nation utilizing less water and resources. Not only is sorghum easy to use and incorporate, but it also offers the nostalgia of bringing the autumn harvest into your home.

Sorghum heads can be trimmed to a variety of lengths, making them adaptable for use in an array of arrangements. Pull sprigs of the sorghum berries off of the sorghum head, attach floral wire and colorful sorghum berries can be incorporated in any way imaginable.

Sorghum is the perfect addition to complement your favorite fall assortment of fresh-cut flowers. Combine sorghum with bright yellow sunflowers, deep orange and red centrifolia roses, and a touch of baby’s breath, and you’ll have an attention-getting arrangement.

Perhaps you’d rather have a decoration to enjoy for years to come. Sorghum can also be dried and incorporated into a silk or dried floral arrangement. Pair dried grain sorghum stalks with colorful silk leaves, mini pumpkins or gourds, and other fall favorites for an eye-catching entryway decoration or table centerpiece.  

Sorghum’s colorful chroma doesn’t stop with fall, though. Sorghum can add versatility all year long. Spray paint dried sorghum with the color of your choice and add it into any floral arrangement, wreath and more for any season, or simply place several sorghum stalks in a vintage vase for a rustic arrangement all year long.

Indulge in sorghum’s versatility and get creative by adding sorghum’s unique shades to your next floral masterpiece.