Three local law enforcement agencies executed a narcotic search warrant on Wednesday at approximately 6 p.m. on the 800 block of Roosevelt Street.

Officers from the Alice Police Department, Jim Wells and Duval County Sheriff's Offices entered the residence and located five men inside.

Sgt. David Espinoza, Criminal Investigation Division entered a back bedroom and saw a cloud of smoke, he said.

Cpl. Nick Juarez and Espinoza interviewed suspect Bruno Sendejo, 17, outside the residence. After further questioning the officers were lead to packages of synthetic marijuana spread throughout the bedroom.

A total of 133 grams of synthetic marijuana were found packaged and ready to deliver, Juarez said.

Sendejo had a total of $263 in his shorts, report stated.

Also discovered in the house was a gray digital scale, blunts, boxes of sandwich bags and a surveillance system. Packages of synthetic marijuana were discovered in the center console of a Dodge pickup truck on the property, Espinoza said.

Sendejo and 23-year-old Raul Guerra admitted the narcotics belonged to them, Espinoza's report stated. They were charged with manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance.

They were taken to the JWC jail.

As of Friday afternoon, Guerra remains in custody with a $10,000 bond. Sendejo was released on Thursday.