Alice High School will be hosting their first annual Penny Wars and the games are on!!!

From September 17th through September 24th the high school students and teachers will be locked in a struggle for survival using the simple penny as a weapon of mass destruction. The Penny Wars will be hosted by the Junior Class and was started by English III teacher Mr. Garcia.

Each class, as well as teachers, have been divided into districts using the Hunger Games as a basis for inspiration. The teams will need to reach into their pockets in order to defeat their opponents.

The Freshman class will be District 9, Ozuna’s Owls. The Sophomores will be District 10 will be known as Sonny’s Sidewinders.

The Junior class will be called Joshie’s Monsters while the Senior class will become the Huddleston’s Hawks. The Teachers of Alice High School have been divided into District 13, otherwise known as Gonzalez’s Guardians.

The Penny War is as simple as it gets! A penny in your respective classes jar is one point. However, any other amount, such as a nickel, dime, or dollar will be counted as negative points for your class.

For Example, if a Sophomore puts a dollar bill in the Freshman jar, the Freshman then receive NEGATIVE 100 points. The goal of each district is to have the most positive points at the end of the war.

With the jars being counted every day a winner will be declared at the end of Homecoming week. The winner will be announced at the city wide pep-rally and will walk away with the spirit stick as well as a day of free dress.

To all districts, may the odds be ever in your favor!