Man hits pregnant victim

Alice police officers responded to a call at two separate locations Wednesday night for an assault. Officer Benjamin Belmares arrived at the 2500 block of South Cameron Street and made contact with the victim and the reporting party. Officer Orlando Jasso made contact with the suspect on the 800 block of Hickey Street.

Jasso spoke with the suspect identified as Monico Hernandez Jr. who stated an argument over homework escalated, but the other party left the residence.

The reporting party told Officer Belmares about the disturbance and how Hernandez assaulted the victim by using his knee to hit her in the stomach, report stated. The victim was transported due to her pregnancy and complaints of pain.

The two officers discussed the situation via cell phones. Hernandez was transported to the Jim Wells County jail and charged with assault causing bodily injury family violence.

Threats gets man arrested

Jose Chavarria Jr. was arrested Wednesday night for terroristic threats on the 12000 block of Woodlawn from an incident that occurred in August.

Back in August, Officer Valentin Montemayor was dispatched to a residence and made contact with two victims. They stated an argument between them and Chavarria occurred. According to Montemayor's initial report, the victims stated Chavarria threatened to stab and kill them and he wouldn't care. The victims told the officer they feared what Chavarria would do.

Chavarria was transported to the JWC jail.

Wanted man caught

On Tuesday night, Officer Jasso was on patrol when he observed two men walking in the Schley and Cameron area. From previous encounters, the officer knew one of the men, Paul Sanchez was wanted by Alice PD on a burglary warrant.

The officer stopped to speak with the men and placed Sanchez under arrest. A pat down of the second man, Juan Javier De La Rosa determined he had an unusual item in his left front pocket. De La Rosa told the officer he had been given pills by a family member, report stated.

After further investigation, the officer was advised the pills in De La Rosa's possession required a doctor's prescription. De La Rosa was arrested for possession of a dangerous drug.

Both men were taken to the JWC jail.