In a Jim Wells County Commissioners' Court meeting on Monday, a resolution was passed to allow the DEA to submit a Border Prosecution Grant.

Other items on the agenda included discussion of the Sheriffs' and Constables' fees for 2016. The fees remained the same including a $45 service fee and $45 stand-by fee which was passed and approved.

An item on JWC's Emergency Management Department renewing an agreement with BlackBoard Connect for the Local Unified Central Alert System was tabled. The court was unaware of what the surrounding cities were going to do.

The renewal date will be Oct. 31 and the price of the service is $15,783.13.

Commissioners' Court will meet on Monday, Sept. 28 at 10 a.m. to approve the budget for the next fiscal year which will start Jan. 1.

According to a legal notice by JWC Judge Pete Trevino, commissioners' court will consider changing the salary of three elected officials as part of the budget process.

Trevino's salary will be raised from $99,349 to $108,799, Justice of Peace Precinct 3 Karin Knolle will go from $35,149 to $40,159 and District Attorney Carlos Garcia will move up from $2,500 to $6,140.

In the last meeting, commissioner Ventura Garcia moved to change Knolle's salary since it has always been lower than other JPs. The raise was approved by the court.

Judge Trevino said the raises were brought about from the state.

"I wouldn't ask for a raise. The state came up with the numbers," he said. "Every judge in the state of Texas got a raise this year and will be effective in June. It doesn't come from county funds."

Trevino said he promised the residents of JWC he would take a pay cut of $20,000 when he took office.

"I've honored that promise," he said. "I have nothing to do with the raise and the county has no responsibility in this."