A new report from the Comptroller's office indicates good news for Texas' role in the global economy and sheds light on the kinds of foreign investments being made in the state. In fact, in 2013 alone, $26.4 billion of foreign investment was made in Texas. Such projects, like the $700 million Austrian-led Voestalpine iron processing plant in San Patricio County is one such example of foreign investment in our own backyard.

Perhaps surprising to some, the country with the greatest amount of foreign investment is not one of our bordering neighbors, but the United Kingdom (U.K.). Around 22 % of our foreign investment is made by U.K. firms. You may recognize companies such as BP, Rolls Royce and BAE Systems, all UK-based companies investing in Texas. In the Comptroller's report, officials from these firms indicate that Texas is a prime spot for investment because of our business climate, central location and good infrastructure. Our state is home to 16 seaports and 26 commercial airports that facilitate international commerce. Among UK investments, Energy is the most, followed by IT, Professional Services, Industrial Goods and Transportation Equipment.

However, many other countries are also investing in Texas. In terms of dollars, a 2014 report from the Governor's office shows Germany following close behind, with Canada, Japan, and France rounding out the top 5. These 1,400 firms employ about 5% of the state's private workforce.