The Jim Wells County Sheriff deputy fired in August after an investigation into the death of his K9 partner will face charges of cruelty to animals.

The JWC County Attorney's has filed the Class A misdemeanor against Latham Roldan, according to County Attorney Jesusa Sanchez-Vera.

“We had to determine if the facts of this case fit the law,” she said.

Investigators with the sheriff's department were notified of the death and an internal investigation was opened. K9 handler Roldan was placed on administrative leave until the investigation was complete.

Roldan had been with the sheriff's office for approximately seven years and worked with Jola for three years.

The preliminary findings showed that his K9 partner, Jola was left in the unit without proper care and consequently died. After the investigation was completed it was determined that the K9 handler left his K9 partner in the unit for 20 hours, according to officials.

The County Attorney is waiting for County Court at Law Judge Michael Garcia's staff to set a court date.

Roldan could face up to a year in jail, a fine of $4,000 or both such confinement and fine.

Roldan is currently working with the Duval County Sheriff's Department.