(NAPSI)óThereís good news, bad news and better news for people who donít like to clean out their gutters.

The good news is, you wonít have to if you get any of the more than 40 different versions of gutter covers around.

The bad news is, covered gutters are breeding grounds for mosquitoes and for nesting bees, wasps, even small rodents. Torrential rains can overwhelm the cover, causing ground erosion. The covered gutter can increase the chance for damaging winter ice-dams.

The better news: There is an alternative. The time-tested Rainhandler Rain Dispersal System has a patented louver design so gutters donít collect leaves or debris and require no cleaning or maintenance. Gentle, rain-sized drops spread out, away from your home. Youíll never have to climb a dangerous ladder to clean gutters again.

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