Jim Wells County Sheriff employees received a four hour training class Wednesday by the Texas Association of Counties.

The theme of the training was suicide detection and prevention of in-custody deaths. The ongoing training is part of Texas Commission on Law Enforcement of Standards and Education (TCLEOSE).

TCLEOSE is regulated by the State. Their mission is to establish and enforce standards to ensure that the people of Texas are served by highly trained and ethical law enforcement, corrections and telecommunications personnel.

“Every two years our officers must go through TECLEOSE training,” said JWC Chief Deputy Louie Valadez. “We make sure our employees are up to date on their training.”

The deputies, jailer and dispatchers learned valuable information such as how to minimize the risk of inmate deaths and how to protect themselves.

“The training consisted of a variety of in-custody death scenarios,” said James MacMillian with the Texas Association of Counties. “We use lecture and video to show what can and does happen.”

The training is at no cost to employees of JWC.

“In-custody deaths have lowered in the last 15 to 20 years due to more training accessible,” MacMillian stated.

Approximately 50 employees took the training, Valadez said.

“What people don't understand is these men and women do show empathy and have feelings for those who enter their jail facility,” MacMillian said. “They may have a job to do but know that some people who walk into the facility need help.”

“The training gives them valuable resources needed to keep themselves and inmates safe,” Valadez said.