With only one scrimmage left to play before the first week of the regular season, Alice coach Chris Soza wants to see his team improve, and most of all, come away from the practice game injury-free.

The Coyotes’ final scrimmage of the preseason takes them to Laredo for a match-up against United South Friday. Alice will also be in Laredo for its season opener a week later against Laredo Alexander.

For Alice, who came out last week running out of the spread offense instead of the Slot, this scrimmage has as much to do with gaining experience and player evaluation as it does with anything else.

“We want to improve in our offensive and defensive execution,” Soza said. “We need to get better at in all aspects, better blocking and better tackling. We still have some young kids that we are looking at for either starting or backup roles. We will have one more opportunity to evaluate before our first game so this will be an important scrimmage for us.

“Our goal as it is with every scrimmage is to improve in the above mentioned areas and to hopefully come out of it injury free.”

It’s the same in San Diego Friday where the Vaqueros are going head-to-head against Orange Grove.

“We have a lot of things we still need to sort out before the season starts,” San Diego coach Bo Ochoa said. “We have a couple of kids who we know can play, but we want to give everyone else a chance. Basically, every position is open, so we’re looking for players.”

Orange Grove poses a big challenge for the Vaqueros. In last week’s scrimmages against Corpus Christi Moody and Veterans Memorial, Orange Grove’s offense put up some big yardage, while their defense didn’t allow a single score.

San Diego and Orange Grove scrimmage at 7 p.m. Friday in San Diego.