CORPUS CHRISTI — There are two sides to Brandi Narvaez.

On one, she’s a born-again Christian; a loving mom to two young children and a supportive wife to a Corpus Christi fireman.

However, when the shoes come off and the gloves are on, that’s when her other side emerges. Once the bell rings, she turns into a fighting machine.

In her first amateur MMA fight, the pretty and muscular full-time mom and wife, who goes by the ring name “Killa Bee,” destroyed her opponent. While pretty much anything goes in this type of fighting, Narvaez stopped Laurie Ashby in 22 seconds with a barrage of strikes. The blazing fast display of brutality set a record in the Premier Combat Group, the organization she fights in, for the quickest fight stoppage.

While she’s lived in Corpus Christi for sometime, she credits her toughness to her upbringing in Alice, where she graduated from Alice High School in 2003. She was Brandi Moulder at the time. She competed in cross country, basketball and track and field.

“Alice is known for being tough,” she said. “It’s in the way I was brought up. I’m a good person, but I don’t mind being tough.”

Now on the verge of her second-career fight, Narvaez hopes to continue improving and some day fight professionally.

“Ultimately, that’s my goal… to go pro,” she said. “I’m 30 years old, and the way I look at it, I’m growing and improving in this sport every day. I know I’m faster and stronger than I was when I was in high school, but I don’t think I’ve hit my prime yet in this sport. I think I have about five good years left to try and make something of myself in MMA and try and take it to the next level.”

And going to the next level as a woman in this sport is big-time right now, especially with the emergence of UFC champion Rhonda Rousey, who is one of the biggest draws in professional fighting today.

“I think a women’s fight is much more entertaining, because when two men fight, they’re friends afterwards,” she said. “When women fight, they pretty much hate each other. I think women feel they have something to prove so they fight harder.”

Narvaez does have one huge advantage over other amateurs. It’s coaching. her husband, the firefighter, is Roger Narvaez, a UFC middleweight fighter. Then, there’s an entire team of coaches and training partners who lend a hand like coaches Rudy Valenzuela and Aurelio Gallegos and training partners Justin Garcia and Elias Garcia.

Narvaez’s next fight is Friday night. She’s fighting Stacy Aguilar in the ICON: Ambition IV fight card in Victoria.