Unsafe lane change

Alice police officer on patrol conducted a traffic stop Friday on the 2300 block of North Texas Blvd. after he observed the driver change lanes in an unsafe manner.

Officer Benjamin Belmares made contact with the driver, Anthony Lagos who was nervous and uneasy. Lagos stepped out of the vehicle. The officer patted down Lagos for officer safety. According to the report, Lagos gave consent to search the vehicle where the officer located a small bag of marijuana.

Lagos was transported to the Jim Wells County jail and charged with possession of marijuana.

Welfare check

At approximately 9 p.m. on Friday officers were dispatched to the local hospital to check on an assault victim.

Officer Jose Saldivar made contact with the victim who stated she was assaulted by her boyfriend after allegations of infidelity. According to the report, the suspect accused the victim of taking photos with an ex-boyfriend when he pushed her to the ground and hit her repeatedly. The victim stated she was hit mainly on the face with the suspects closed fists.

Officers were sent to the 900 block of Avenue B where the suspect, George Gomez located.

Gomez was arrested and charged with aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury. He was transported to the JWC jail.