The Relay for Life committee and participants celebrated July 26 with dinner and dance for raising more than $101,000 this year.

The Jim Wells County Relay for Life has raised more than $1 million in less than 10 years thanks to all the volunteers, survivors and participants who give selfishly back to the community.

“Congrats again on a job well done this year,” said Co-chair Bertha Rodriguez. “Together with the community we raised over $101k dollars this year.”

Despite a small shortfall from other years and a not so strong economy, teams and individuals were able to reach their money-raising goals.

J.J. Bernal, a longtime committee member, said accomplishing these numbers speaks to the great individuals who participate.

“When we started this journey 10 years ago, a goal of raising 1million dollars was set,” he said. “Proud to say that this was accomplished in 9 years. What an honor to work with such a dedicated committee.”

This year the committee started with a kick-off at Anderson Park pavilion to sign up captains and teams. Some begin raising funds year-long.

And the finale for the first time in history was held at the Alice High School marching pad due to severe weather and flooding, which left the practice fields soaked. But the event prevailed.

“To prepare and organize this huge event takes time and dedication,” Bernal said. “To all of our participants, thank you for making our relay a great success. Better things are waiting for us in the future.”

On July 26, a celebration was in order as dinner was served with decorations and hall donated by Rene Villarreal and Un Nuevo Oro with Albert Canales performed at no cost to entertain those in attendance.

“I would like to thank all of our sponsors who assisted with donations or in-kind,” said Ofelia Hunter, sponsorship chair. “While some companies moved out who normally helped us each year, we were able to get other sponsors who stepped up.”

Co-chair Rodriguez also announced this week she was stepping down.

“Eleven years of volunteering for a good cause has given me great memories. Great people have come into my life because if it and I'm gratful for that,” Rodriguez said. “However it's time for me to move on. No regrets just looking forward to new beginnings. Much appreciation for the person who takes it over. Thank you all for the amazing people you are. Lots of love and respect for you all.”

It hasn't been announced who might take Rodriguez's place, but the show will still continue to battle the ever-ending fight of cancer.

“Please help us to continue the fight against cancer,” Bernal said. “I think our relay family deserves a huge "atta boy!”