(NAPSI)—If yours is among the 5.1 million families that the U.S. Census Bureau says live in multigeneration homes, there are eight tasteful ideas that can help you make your kitchen better for everyone.

Whether your parents, your adult children or both are moving in with you, these may make the living easier on everyone:

• Go big or go small: Put in a kitchenette with a microwave, fridge and sink near an easily accessible bedroom or go for a large gourmet kitchen with a kitchen island if there will be more people eating at different times of the day.

Allow for wide aisles so many people—including those with a walker or a rolling baby chair—can use the room without getting in each other’s way.

Consider a second dishwasher, stove or refrigerator.

• The height of convenience: Vary counter thickness and height and go for multilevel divided sinks to make lifting pots and pans easier.

Lower the cooking surfaces, too, so seeing inside pots can be simpler.

• Swing time: Pull-out shelves give you easy access for under-cabinet storage without a lot of bending, stooping and digging around.

• Rise to the occasion: Integrated toe-kick ladders that hide under cabinets can help everyone reach the high shelves with less stretching and more safety.

• Here’s a bright idea: Older eyes often need more light, so improve visibility inside drawers with integrated LED drawer lighting.

• Don’t get a handle on the cabinets. Sleek, handleless design makes cabinets easier to open.

• Keep it down. Replace cabinets with drawers below countertops and place microwaves under the counter.

• Smart sinks. If several people will be cooking different meals at the same time, multiple sinks might be in order.

If there’s just one sink, consider single-lever faucets that are easier to turn on and off and to control the temperature, even for someone with arthritis. Similarly, a magnetic pullout for a chef faucet—a unique feature of the Blanco Culina—is easier to use than a standard hook. The magnet, not a hook, holds the faucet in place until it’s time to use it again.

Kitchen sinks with integrated accessories, such as those in the Blanco One collection, keep tools convenient so you don’t have to search for them, plus they save space. In-sink caddies can hold knives, utensils and cleaning tools inside the sink to save counter space and provide greater convenience. Cutting boards and colanders integrated with the sink can make food preparation more convenient.

If someone in the household uses a wheelchair or is likely to someday, you can have a kneehole put in under the sink with an inclined board to cover the plumbing.

More clever ways to improve your kitchen can come from the experts at Blanco, known for innovation, design and functionality.

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