Each year, a number of news sources compile data on every state to determine how each stacks up against one another. You may know that Texas is continually at the top of the list in economic performance. In fact, during the recovery from the last recession, our state added more jobs than all the other states combined. As your state representative, I vote to make Texas a great place to do business. But economic performance is determined by hardworking Texans who start companies and contribute to the economy.

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts recently released the 50 State Scorecard that compiles this economic data to give us a better picture of how Texas is doing. We remain at the top of the list in "Best Place For Business" and "Best Place to Earn a Living". This may be why the report also notes that Texas is the top in "Net Domestic Migration", which measures how many people are moving here.

Texas also ranked well in other factors, such as cost of living, which is below the national average. Our unemployment rate is near the bottom and Texas families have little credit card debt compared to those in other states. This information is helpful to state leaders as we formulate the policies that best serve our citizens.