(BPT) - There’s no better time than summer to enjoy and show off your yard. But sometimes, the list of to-do’s can seem never-ending and leave you unsure of where to start. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to save time and help you be more efficient with your projects.

Whether you’re tending to your garden or maintaining your lawn, here are eight ways you can make yardwork more enjoyable this season.

1. Water wisely.

Water your lawn and garden thoroughly once a week rather than watering it lightly every day. Deep watering less often is more effective, as it encourages grass and plants to establish a deeper root system.

2. Organize tools.

Make your hand tools easily accessible by creating an organizational peg board in your garage or shed. This will prevent tools from being misplaced and give you more space.

3. Grow vertically.

No space, no problem! Instead of crowding what yard you do have, expand your garden by utilizing the vertical space for vining crops like tomatoes, peas, squash, melons and cucumbers. Let them arch over a trellis, fence, cage or stake.

4. Optimize your equipment.

Customizable, versatile products like the Troy-Bilt(R) FLEX(TM) – which consists of one engine that accepts multiple attachments like a wide-area mower, pressure washer, leaf blower and snow thrower – are ideal to have in the yard as they can tackle all your outdoor tasks year-round. With FLEX, you can also save money and up to 60 percent of garage storage space compared to purchasing individual, single-purpose products.

5. Create a compost pile.

Recycle used food like fruit, eggshells and coffee grounds in a compost pile to create nutrient-rich soil for your garden. Be sure to pick a spot for your compost that receives sun and turn the pile every so often to help with the decomposition process.

6. Use grass clippings.

Tired of bagging grass? Next time you mow, skip this step and leave grass clippings on your lawn as the clippings serve as a natural fertilizer, as well as mulch – protecting the soil from extreme weather conditions like heat and sun exposure.

7. Practice companion planting.

Improve the quality and taste of your vegetables and ward off pests by practicing companion planting. For example, pair tomatoes with basil to not only improve flavor, but also help deter pests from causing damage or disease to your tomatoes.

8. Protect your plants.

Give your plants a healthy boost with chamomile tea. An easy, inexpensive solution, chamomile tea can help prevent fungal disease and infection in plants. But be sure tea is cooled before using.