The Alice Fire Department responded to a call Thursday afternoon in reference to down power lines and an electrical fire.

Residents along County Road 133 and 138 reported strong winds had caused at least three utility poles to break and take down power lines, according to Capt. Adan Garcia.

Rain and strong winds passed through the area after 1 p.m. The power lines and utility poles lay in the middle of the road and across barbed wire fences causing an unsafe environment.

Roads in the area were closed off due to the live wires on the ground, Garcia stated.

Firefighters also responded to a small electrical fire on CR 138.

According to Garcia, the transformers were making a loud screeching sound when they arrived.

American Electric Power was called to the area.

AEP were in search of the main shut off switch before they fixed the utility poles and restore power, Garcia stated.

Roads remain closed until the area is safe for people traveling in the area.