Orange Grove Police Department responded to a call on Tewles Street on June 25 around 6:10 p.m., Chief Martin De Leon stated.

According to a report, a 27-year-old intoxicated man was threatening to commit suicide when he was drinking. An ambulance arrived and he was transported to Alice Spohn Memorial. De Leon said the man didn't sustain any injuries.

Theft of property

A red lawnmower was reported stolen from a property on the 300 block of Josephine on June 26. Chief De Leon said the lawnmower was not secure and was taken from a carport. No arrests have been made, De Leon stated.

Juvenile banned from store

OG police Department located a juvenile who was caught stealing from a store on June 29. Police told the juvenile that he could not go to the store for a year, De Leon said. The store owner is not pressing charges against the individual, according to the report.