(NewsUSA) - The smart home has gone mainstream. Currently available technology allows homeowners to further personalize the environments in their homes and to monitor their homes remotely. Consider the increasing popularity of smart appliances such as motion-sensor lights, programmable thermostats and sound-control surround systems. Such technologies will likely expand as ways to make homes not only more comfortable, but also safer and more efficient. Smart home technology is becoming increasingly affordable and will become increasingly common in new homes. For example, in 2013, approximately half of all new homes built in the United States included structured wiring, which is needed for the transmission of high-speed video.

Some examples of the latest smart home technology could fall into two categories: Home comfort and home monitoring. Homeowners are able to set up systems that program the house doors to unlock, certain lights to come on, and the thermostat to adjust to preselected settings automatically when someone arrives at the home. In addition, homes can be programmed to send emails or text messages to alert homeowners to potential problems, which can be addressed before they escalate into expensive repairs.

Another point in favor of smart home technology: resale value. If you want to boost the value of your home, smart home technology is a worthwhile investment, and a system that monitors plumbing is a good place to start.

Preventing water damage is one area in which smart home monitoring technology can be especially helpful. Water damage accounts for a significant portion of home insurance claims, and being able to identify potential water problems and address them early can save time and money.

The FloLogic System is engineered to act like a circuit breaker for the plumbing system in the home, and it may be fitted to any home, old or new. The system monitors the water flow throughout the home. The system is designed to shut off the water if it detects any sign of a leak, from something as large as a broken pipe to as mall as a pinhole. It sounds an alarm at the control pad and shuts off the water. The FloLogic System may be linked in with a home security system and will be WiFi enabled by year end.

For more information about how the FloLogic system works, visit www.Flologic.com.