Jim Wells County Commissioner's Court and those in attendance were reminded of JWC's history and its contributions on Friday.

On February 17, 2015, County Judge Pete Trevino and the commissioners visited the capitol where "they basically rolled out the red carpet for Jim Wells," Trevino said.

"Next time we do something like this, I would like to see more people involved," he said.

During the meeting, Valerie Benavidez read the senate resolution that was presented by Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa, State Senator and President of the Senate, declaring February 17, 2015, as Jim Wells County Day at the State Capitol.

The resolution stated "the Texas Senate takes great pleasure in recognizing this region and its citizens who have contributed to the development of the Lone Star State."

"Jim Wells County is a valuable agricultural area that has contributed significantly to the development of the Southwestern part of the United States," the resolution stated. JWC's economy, historical preservation and education system was also praised in the document.

Other agenda items included the lease agreement between Narciso Martinez and Jim Wells County PCT4 Emede Garcia for a property located at 503 CR 467 in Alice.

Garcia told the court the two acre space will be used to park equipment and rent will be $200 a month.

County auditor Noe Gamez pointed out that the lease will be by JWC, but will be paid by Precinct Four.

Another item brought Enrique Guzman, developer from with San Diego Creek Estates, to ask for an appointed contact and an agreement with the county.

Commissioner Margie Gonzalez, Precinct One, was nominated and appointed since the development is in her area.

The county was told the project will cost up to $8 million to complete and asked the county to agree to a Inter-Local Agreement by and between Commissioner's Court of Jim Wells County, the City of Alice and the Board of Directors of Tax Increment Reinvestment.

Guzman explained that the county would not loose any money, but said it would take around 15 years to generate funds from the development. After discussion, the court agreed and approved the agreement.

Guzman said that Alice has shown need for housing in the past years.

"The focus is not about revenue, but about providing the needs of citizens and giving back to them," he said. 

At the conclusion of the meeting, Trevino commended the court for its decision on the development. 

"It demonstrates that this court wants to adhere and is listening to the outcry of our residents," Trevino said.