The Coastal Bend College- Alice kids camp ended Friday afternoon with a special presentation, an award ceremony and a water slide.

The two week program focused on different career choices and had a speaker in that specific field. Some of the careers covered included nursing, marine biologist, construction, an artist and police officers.

“With all the presentations, we peaked the interest of the students,” said instructor Marie Monhoff.

Students visited the TAMES trailblazer STEM on wheels, the Texas State Aquarium Ocean Display with a live baby alligator, the Coastal Bend Oil and Gas trailer, and the Coastal Bend Nursing trailer. Some of the projects they completed were painting, building a rocket, building a salt powered robot, building a birdhouse and designing a video game.

During the awards ceremony, each student spoke about their future goals. Ember Cavazos wants to be a successful business owner, Neavaeh Guerra wants to be a veterinarian, Antonio Valadez wants to be an engineer and Roman Espinoza wants to be a police officer and a soldier.

“I had fun. We did different stuff,” said Isaac Lopez, student. “I want to be a soldier when I grow up. My mom and I talked about it and we agree.”

The 30 students ended the camp with a water slide.