(NAPSI)—Whether you are a collector of vintage memorabilia or are interested in collecting fine art, Miller Gaffney and Carol Lee Brosseau know a few pointers that can help you pick the treasures from the junk. They are two of the country’s top art advisors and are starring in their own TV series called “Art Breakers” on Ovation TV.

“There’s a real process to collecting art and it’s not just for millionaires,” notes Gaffney. “With collecting, very few people have confidence in their own vision. As art advisors, we demystify art so you’re not afraid of it.”

“Collecting is intensely personal,” continues Brosseau. “You should buy what you love, but do your homework and research artists, their careers, their exhibition history, and their auction market presence. Seek professional assistance and advice before you buy because you can make a costly mistake.”

Collecting is a passion and can be a lot of fun—just take precautions and remember these five helpful tips:

1. Have a focus and theme. Are you interested in contemporary art? Maybe you have a particular interest in photography. Pinpoint your tastes and identify your preferences.

2. Educate yourself and form your taste. Go to museums and train your eye to see the difference between good and indifferent quality.

3. Buy the best pieces from the artists you like. The best pieces available will likely only increase in value, making your collection worth more over time. Choose quality over quantity.

4. Work with reputable and knowledgable advisors who can help you make decisions about pieces. Their insight and experience can prove invaluable when navigating what to buy and what price to pay.

5. Have goals and know your motivation before you buy. Do you want to build an informal creative collection, investment collection, a legacy collection, for pure enjoyment, etc.?

For more insight into the world of art collecting, tune in to Ovation TV for the premiere of “Art Breakers” on Sunday, October 4, at 8 p.m. ET.


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