San Diego - Luis Oscar Sanchez, 45, was arrested Friday early morning after a three-hour standoff with local law enforcement at a trailer park between Alice and San Diego, police officials said.

Sanchez was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, assault impeding airway, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon and evading arrest with a motor vehicle.

Sanchez was at a residence on the 300 block of Gray Street when an argument erupted with the 40-year-old victim over their relationship, said San Diego Police Lt. Fernando Garcia. Sanchez exited the residence and shot 13 rounds into the victim's black Buick Verano, police said. Twelve bullets hit the vehicle.

San Diego Police Officer Stephanie Cavazos was on patrol when she observed the victim running down the street about 1 a.m., Garcia stated.

Cavazos made contact with the victim who stated 'he has a gun,' according to police officials. The officer called dispatch and units were sent to the residence, but Sanchez had left the premises.

“While we were at the crime scene a friend of the suspect showed up and informed us that the suspect was on County Road 103 with a 22 rifle,” Garcia said. “The guy told us Sanchez threatened to kill himself and officers.”

San Diego police officers and the Duval County sheriff's deputies met on the corner of Highway 44 and North Julian for a quick debriefing.

North Julian leads to CR 103. Deputies were sent down the road in case Sanchez, who was driving an older model Chevrolet pickup, decided to leave the area, police said.

“Sure enough, we see his headlights coming down the street and the deputies try to initiate a traffic stop,” Garcia explained. “He didn't stop and a pursuit began.”

Sanchez made his way through San Diego's north side and stopped at a trailer park off of Highway 44 where a relative resided, police said.

Alice police and Jim Wells County sheriff's officers arrived in the area to assist in the apprehension of Sanchez.

Sanchez refused to exit the vehicle. According to Lt. Garcia, Sanchez placed the rifle under his neck and threatened to shoot himself if police got closer.

After a three-hour standoff, Randy Trigo with the Central South Texas Task Force negotiated with Sanchez and convinced him to surrender the weapon and himself, according to police officials. Sanchez was in custody by 6 a.m.

No major injuries were reported.

Sanchez was transported to the Duval County jail.