(BPT) - Women have a reputation for being harder to shop for on most occasions, but any gal who has faced her fellowís birthday, Fatherís Day, a graduation or other occasion with dread knows that itís not always easy to find just the right gift for a guy. Few of us can afford to buy them the things they obviously want, like their dream car or season tickets for their favorite sports teams. Still, some classic gifts are pretty dependable in their ability to work for any guy and any occasion.

Here are four ideas for choosing guy-friendly gifts:

Food fits every guy

Any woman who has ever wondered where her guy put away a mountain of chow Ė without seeming to gain a pound Ė knows that food is often close to a manís heart. Itís a gift that can be useful and unforgettable, simple or luxurious, healthful or decadent. You can also present it in a variety of ways, whether you cook his favorite special meal on his special day, or treat him to a gourmet delight like dipped strawberries.

If you donít have the time or skill to make a gourmet treat, online retailers like Shariís Berries and Cherry Moon Farms offer guy-friendly collections perfect for events like Fatherís Day, as well as fast shipping, reasonable prices and flavor combinations, like sweet and salty, that are sure to win his heart. And if heís the kind of guy who likes to whip up his own steak dinner, food-related gifts like grilling tools are sure to please. Visit www.berries.com or www.cherrymoonfarms.com for more great food gifts.

Sports gifts win every time

Most guys love sports, whether watching or playing. A gift that honors his favorite sport or sports team can be both something heíll use and something heíll love. Whatís more, it shows youíre paying attention to whatís important to him. Game tickets, tailgating accessories, team attire or memorabilia are all winning sports-themed gifts.

You can also give him gifts that make it easier and more enjoyable for him to play his favorite sport. Help him step up his game with new athletic shoes, sporting equipment or a fitness club membership. Sports-themed gift sets like the For the Love of Golf set from Sesame Gifts are a great option as well, and save you time from shopping store-to-store to find each individual item. You can save even more time by buying this gift on the go, using the Sesame Gifts mobile app.

Personalization is so very personal

No matter who you are or what the occasion, thereís something heart-warming about receiving a gift that has your name on it. Personalized gifts show that the giver took the time to learn what you like and went the extra step to make it truly special and unique.

Personalization is easy, thanks to online purveyors like Personal Creations. Long gone are the days when you had to wait weeks to purchase a gift embroidered or engraved with the recipientís name, and only a handful of items could be personalized. From mugs to barware, grilling implements and accessories, gadgets, wall art, sports items and clothing, itís possible to personalize virtually any gift. Got a guy whoís graduating from college? Personalize a piece of wall art with his name and graduation date. Is Dad always traveling for business? Have his initials embroidered on a canvas and leather luggage collection. Is Grandpa fond of making his own beer? Give him a stein embossed with his initials. Visit www.personalcreations.com for more gift ideas.

The manly floral alternative

Hereís a not-so-well-kept secret: guys think flowers are pretty, even if they worry that receiving a floral gift might not make them look very manly. Plants make a great floral alternative for fathers, graduates, grandpas or any guy who likes growing things. Bamboo, braided money trees, succulent gardens and bonsai plants all look great on a desk or in his workshop. Online flower retailers like FTD and ProFlowers will deliver hearty, healthy live plants to your guyís doorstep or Ė if heís really secure in his masculinity Ė his office. Some arrangements are even available in sports-themed containers and sports-themed colors. Visit www.ftd.com or www.proflowers.com for more living gift ideas.

The Maserati he dreams of may be outside your budget, and he may never find the time to take that world tour thatís on his bucket list, but with some creativity itís easy to give your guy a gift heíll treasure.