(NewsUSA) - High-rise condos may seem like a dream for those craving an urban setting or for beach-going vacationers who long for a comfortable home, sans the hassle. But living in close contact with neighbors has its own set of challenges, like floods that cover entire floors, and quite often these issues can go unnoticed until it's too late.

To this point, a high-rise leak can become an even larger problem. All it takes is for one neighbor's child to leave a faucet on to cause irreparable damage to the ceiling of the unit below. A pipe could unknowingly sprout a leak, causing damage to several apartments and leading repairmen to search for several hours before a leak can be stopped.

In condominiums, water damage can affect multiple families' health (to say nothing of their wallet) because moisture can lead to mold, which is difficult to completely remove (and can mean thousands of dollars to do so). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mold can cause everything from eye irritation to troubled breathing, and after extended exposure, chronic lung disease.

Water damage from a neighbor starting a flood can also ruin personal property in the form of unsightly cracks or water spots on ceilings or walls and can also ruin antique carpet or hard-to-replace items. But floods are common. Case in point? In 2003, California alone saw insurance companies pay $500 million in water damage claims.

However, condominium communities can take steps to protect entire buildings from water damage. New products can detect and stop water leaks before damage occurs. For example, the FloLogic System (www.flologic.com), which won one of Popular Science's Best of What's New awards, acts like a circuit breaker for the home plumbing system.

As an automatic water shut-off device, the FloLogic System is able to monitor a condominium's water supply from one location in the main. When the flow through the system exceeds a preset limit, the product shuts off the water and sounds an alarm at the keypad, saving not only yours, but your neighbor's as well. The alarm can also be linked to a condominium's security system for increased awareness.

For more information, visit www.flologic.com.