A 12-year-old Alice boy was hospitalized for two days following a snake bite on his right ankle.

Gabriel Sanchez, a sixth grader at Memorial Intermediate School, was playing at his friend’s house on County Road 225 near Orange Grove when he was bit late Saturday afternoon. He said he and two other boys were walking across a field to see some horses when he walked past a bush and felt the bite. The boy said he heard a “snake sound” just before the bite and saw the snake quickly slitter away afterwards.

The boys ran back to his friend’s house where Sanchez was rushed to CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital in Alice. Because his ankle and right leg continued to swell, he was flown to Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi. He was immediately place in intensive care. Doctor’s were also unable to determine what kind of snake was responsible for the bite, however, based on the bite marks and the amount of venom injected during the bite, they said it appeared to be a larger snake.

“They said my son was lucky because there wasn’t a lot of venom in the bite,” Sanchez’s father, Polo Sanchez said. “I don’t know if he just walked by the snake or maybe stepped on it, but it bit him.”

Sanchez was unable to identify what kind of snake it was, however, doctors did detect venom in the bite.

Doctors administered six doses of anti-venom. By late Sunday, the swelling, which had reached the boy’s knee, had begun to slowly subside. He was released early Monday.

Sanchez said his son was in good spirits at home Monday, but upset because he may have to miss playing in the Alice Little League City Championships Thursday. He is a center fielder for the American League Royals who are playing in the Major League championship game.

"We're going to see what the doctor's say," Sanchez said. "It depends on what they say and his flexibility. I'm just glad he's doing better."