Alice Police Lt. Jason Childers was off-duty Friday afternoon when he witnessed 29-year-old Cruz Alonzo Jr. strike a 4-year-old child twice, according to police officials.

Childers walked out of a business on the 1100 block of East Main Street when he observed Alonzo yelling at a child who sat in a shopping cart crying, Childers' said.

“As I'm walking up, he's yelling 'Shut up, shut up, stop it,'” he stated.

“Cruz picks up the child, opens the back door and throws her in the back seat...he then punched her twice.”

Childers called the police department for units. He made contact with Alonzo, displayed his badge and identified himself as an officer.

“I waited for officers to arrive and the suspect waited by the vehicle,” Childers explained. “I couldn't see where he punched her, but the child had redness and swelling to her forehead.”

Officers arrived on scene and arrested Alonzo for injury to a child and for Jim Wells County warrants.

He was transported to the JWC jail. Alonzo's total bond was $25,000 and was released on Saturday, June 6.

Child Protective Services were called.