(NewsUSA) - Don't let concerns about complexity keep you from the benefits of investing in real estate. The advantages of investment properties include rental income, value appreciation and equity growth, and locating, buying and managing property isn't as complicated as most people imagine.

"Finding worthwhile investment property shouldn't be a difficult or costly venture, especially in the current market," said Preston Despenas, co-founder and senior partner of Growth Equity Group. "In fact, there are many opportunities for investors to use real estate to diversify a retirement portfolio and amass wealth today, but the best opportunities might not be right in your backyard," he explained.

Considering a real estate investment, but not sure where to start? Keep these points in mind:

Find the right market

Real estate may be local, but the best opportunities might not be local to you. Don't rule out markets just because they're out of state.

Review key indicators

Consider the current inventory of property and whether the property values will rise or fall in the future. Other factors include job creation and its effect on local income levels and overall economic growth.

Maximize potential income

Renting is rising in popularity, and rental properties generate income for the owner of the property, which is an important component of the overall return on investment. When coupled with appreciating homes values, adding income-producing real estate may be an excellent choice for investors looking for a new way to diversify a financial portfolio. In fact, real estate tends to be less correlated with the stock and bond markets and thus is less volatile when the market experiences wide swings.

Seek expert advice

Turn to a specialized real estate investment group to help make both the initial and long-term investment in real estate simple and user-friendly. Such groups will handle all aspects of the investment, from market analysis to property management and maintenance.

"The right partner will make investing in real estate as easy as buying stock," said Brett Immel, co-founder and senior partner of Growth Equity Group.

For more information about investing in real estate, visit www.growthequitygroup.com.