Teachers are a priceless resource in the lives of students and small districts have a hard keeping them.

“We have a high turnover,” said Grace Pizzini, Director of Educational Services. “We lose teachers due to the lack of childcare available in the area.”

In the upcoming school year, teachers will have a daycare available to them at the Collins-Parr Elementary. The program, Edu-Care and Early Learning Academy will only be for the children of teachers in the San Diego Independent School District.

The school board recently approved the program and has hired a child care director. The licensing application has been submitted to the Family and Protective Services.

“We are transforming two classrooms at Collins-Parr for the program,” Pizzini said. “The rooms need to be brought up to code.”

Teachers can enroll their children who are four years old or younger. The daycare will enroll 10 to 12 children. The daycare will be open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. till 5 p.m. and follow the district calendar.

“We are eager and excited,” Pizzini said. “With this program we are hoping to keep great teachers and recruit teachers as well.”

Parents of the children enrolled will be charged just enough to pay the director and the staff, Pizzini stated. The tuition can be automatically taken from the teachers salary.

“We know how important family is,” Pizzini said.

There will be a mommy corner especially for nursing mothers and parents can still have time with their children as needed, Pizzini said.

The daycare is scheduled to open August 2015 as teachers go back to their classrooms and prepare for another year, she explained.

Edu-Care and Early Learning Academy will be a state licensed faculty. For more information call 361-279-3382.