As the sun set, the Orange Grove High School class of 2015 grasped pinkies and sang their alma mater together for the last time after their commencement ceremony on Friday.

The high school band provided the musical selections during the ceremony.

Haley Lynn Allison gave her Salutatory Address and Victoria Rebecca Perez gave her Valedictory Address.

During her speech to her class, Perez told a story of how she was overwhelmed with the decision of what university to attend and what to major in. After hearing the simple words, "do what makes you happy," she was able to make her decision with ease. She stressed the importance of being happy in life.

"So whether you decide to go to college, go into the workforce or even hang out at home for a little bit, I encourage you all to take your time and plan your next steps toward what will bring you happiness," Perez said. "Everyone here has an equal chance of success. The thing that will actually determine if you are successful, however, is you. Don't lose faith, because nothing is ever over until you stop trying."

The top students were recognized and the Superintendent Lynn Burton gave awards to the Valedictorian, Salutatorian and gave a Superintendent's Award to Ricky Martinez.

"Its present to demonstrated the ability to go through difficult times and come out a winner. We know life's not always fair and it's certainly not always easy. It's tough whenever you see young people that have to experience and go through difficult times."

Burton said it would have been easy for Martinez to drop out, but he pulled through and stayed in school while he took care of his family.

High School Principal Arnold Diaz gave the certification of the class of 2015 and Board of Education President Dorian David awarded the diplomas.

103 seniors graduated from Orange Grove High School.