(StatePoint) With so much information out there, you may be wondering -- is dairy good for you? Milk, cheese and yogurt provide a powerhouse of nutrients, however, most people donít reach their recommended three servings a day for dairy. The dairy food group contributes calcium, vitamin D, protein, potassium and five other important nutrients to the diet.

The benefits of milk are numerous. Milk helps build strong bones and can lower blood pressure. It may reduce the risk of diabetes, help you maintain a healthy weight -- and itís affordable too. Each serving is about 25 cents and provides an irreplaceable package of nutrients with unique interactions.

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Learn more about milk, cheese and yogurt at www.HealthyEating.org/milk. From quenching your thirst with a glass of milk to a mid-afternoon snack of yogurt and fruit, there are plenty of convenient, affordable and tasty ways to incorporate dairy into your diet.