Search warrant executed

The Alice Police Department, the Central South Texas Criminal Investigative Unit and the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department executed a search warrant Wednesday night on the 60 block of Walnut Street and arrested two individuals in the residence.

After officers made the residence safe, Cpl. Nick Juarez and Sgt. David Espinoza made contact with Jimmy Lee Alaniz and Samantha Nicole Lopez. According to the report, Alaniz told officers there was approximately a quarter ounce of cocaine in the home. Officers located the cocaine in a ceramic jar on the kitchen counter. In another jar, officers uncovered “cut”, an additive used in cocaine prior to distribution.

Further search of the residence uncovered sandwich baggies with the corners cut, a box of sandwich baggies, a white bottle containing a white powdery substance believed to be “cut” and a surveillance system, report stated.

Alaniz was charged with manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance. Lopez was arrested on city warrants. Both individuals were transported to the JWC jail.

Traffic stop; four arrested

Richard Bueno Jr., Joshua Lee Garza and two juveniles were arrested Thursday morning for possession of a controlled substance on Sain and Woodlawn.

Officer Julian Barrera stopped a passenger car for a routine traffic violation and made contact with Bueno. Bueno gave the officer consent to search. During the search Barrera located a clear plastic sandwich bag corner that contained synthetic marijuana, according to police officials.

No one took ownership of the narcotic. Bueno and Garza were transported to the Jim Wells County jail. The two juveniles were taken to the Ricardo H. Garcia Regional Juvenile Detention Facility.