The We Believe in Alice ISD committee recognized teachers and staff from Noonan Elementary for their hard work and efforts in ensuring the best possible education for their students.

The committee presented the campus with a gift card to use in their department as they needed.

“We Believe in Alice ISD is celebrating the good things that happen in our schools,” said Immanuel Lutheran Church Pastor Jim Craver. “Thank you for all you do.”

Craver was influenced by his Big Spring High School honors English teacher, Jane Smith, when she told him he was too “stupid” to be in that class. That phrase motivated him. He went back after receiving his bachelor's degree to show her his accomplishment.

Scores across grade levels have shown major improvements in all areas. Prekindergarten through fourth grade teachers have worked hard and put in long hours to provide the best lessons and data driven decisions for their students.

Noonan teachers and staff recognized were Evey Guerra, Diana Hammock, Cindy Canales, Betty Stout, Leticia Guzman, Monika Harris, Sara Cadena, Mary Lopez, Ashlee Caka, Nicole Hayzlett, Marilyn Garcia, Jennifer Rodriguez, Theresa Sanchez, Roxanna Chapa, Bernadette Aguilar, Alicia Barrera, Margarita Dominguez, Diana Gonzalez, Belinda Munoz, Andrea Resendez, Noemi Gonzalez, Dora Rivera, Janie Silva-Perez, Priscilla Hernandez, Linda Salazar, Kimberly Villarreal, Melissa Lopez, Isabel Luna, Melanie Menchaca, Lori Arredondo, Adriana Morin, Marissa Gomez, Hope Ramos, Kelly Dawson-Benavidez, Adriana Riojas, Graciela Gonzalez, Cristina Rivadeneyra Shearin, Crystal Gonzales, Vanessa Garza, Tara Koerner, Grace Perez, Alma Ramirez, Diana Saenz, Heather Price, LaEtta Specht, Roberta Rios, Steve Synder, Robert Cadena, Esta Lewis, Barbara Quintana, Lori Trafton, Gloria Saenz Rodriguez, Gracida Barrera, Esteban Luna, Jesus Gutierrez, Patsy Riojas, Pat Gonzalez, Lisa Olivares, Lizandra Hernandez, Iris Pruneda and Diana Charles.

“That's what you do,” Craver said. “You do the Lord's work and change the lives of kids.”

“Thank you for all you do,” said Marissa Yvette Utley, Alice Ambassadors. “Thanks for the long hours that you put in and for the endless amount of paperwork you continue to do at home.”