Marina Jo Trevino, Julio Garcia and Robert Lee Lopez were arrested Tuesday morning at a local business on the 800 block of South Highway 281 after Alice Police Officers responded to a call in reference to suspicious drug activity.

The officers made contact with the reporting party who stated there was a lot of foot and vehicle traffic coming in and out of the room and could smell what they believed to be narcotics, according to police officials.

According to the report, when officers arrived they observed several people in the room move around quickly. The curtain was open to the room and officers could see a digital scale and synthetic marijuana residue on a table in plain view, Officer Orlando Jasso said.

Officers knocked on the door. Garcia opened the door when a cloud of smoke exited the room. Officers could smell synthetic marijuana coming from the room. Garcia gave verbal consent to search and officers had probable cause to enter. The search uncovered numerous bags that contained synthetic marijuana, clear plastic bags of the drug packaged individually and a box of clear plastic sandwich bags, report stated.

The three individuals denied ownership. They were charged with manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance. They were transported to the Jim Wells County jail.