Collins-Parr Elementary School recently had new playground shade covers installed. 

It was made possible through a school wide fundraiser.  The students who participated in the fundraiser sold over $54,000 of merchandise and the school was able to profit 50 percent of the earnings. 

The school earned $27,000 and the money went towards the purchase of the shade covers. The shade cover were installed and covers the playground to help protect the students from the sun on hot days. 

Further, incentives were available to those that participated in the fundraiser and all students who sold at least seven items were able to attend a mega party given by the fundraising company.  The mega party consisted of space jumps and the money machine. Students who sold over 25 items were treated to a limo ride and pizza luncheon. 

The students and parents hard work made this school wide fundraiser was a huge success and without their help it would not have been possible, stated Principal Yvonne Munoz.  Their continued support will make big projects like this one possible in the future.