(StatePoint) The tie has been a traditional Fatherís Day gift since the holiday was first celebrated. But this year, menís fashion experts say think beyond this staid accessory while Fatherís Day shopping.

ďThe modern man is expressing himself in much broader ways and rounding out his wardrobe with more creativity than he has in the past,Ē says Denis Daly Wood, founder of Dalys 1895, fourth-generation luxury menís designer and online retailer.

To give Dad the gift of contemporary style, Wood offers some great Fatherís Day shopping tips:

ē Get inspired by Dadís favorite hobbies. For example, if heís an outdoor enthusiast, perhaps he would like a new sturdy backpack, hiking boots or gloves to wear during his next adventure. If heís a writer, a leather-bound journal or engraved fountain pen are great gift ideas that could prove useful and personal. Search for items that could help Dad better enjoy doing the things he loves.

ē Dad may have his favorite suits, but buying him an accessory to accent his outfit can make him look and feel his best when heís at the office or out to dinner. A pocket square, like a limited edition Caravaggio silk pocket square, can add a level of sophistication to Dadís look.

ē Has your father been carrying the same wallet for years? Upgrade his style with a wallet of a different color or texture or select a sterling silver alternative, like the Dalys 1895 Sterling Silver 16 Gauge Money Clip, with his hand-engraved monogram for a personal touch.

ē Does Dad have a favorite watch that he loves to wear? Buy Dad a watch winder or watch box where he can keep his treasure. A bracelet that complements his watch can also add a great touch to his outfit all year round.

ē For the traveling dad, consider a sleek, stylish weekender bag or briefcase to amp up his style even while heís on the go. If Dad always travels with his tablet or laptop, be sure to find a bag with tech pockets that will protect his gadgets even during takeoff.

For even more Fatherís Day gift ideas, visit www.dalys1895.com.

Donít resort to a tacky ďNumber One DadĒ t-shirt or boring, tired tie. Take this holiday as an opportunity to elevate Dadís style.