The Alice High School Little Theater is in need of an upgrade such as new lighting and seats.

The school board was given a short presentation at their regular meeting on April 20.

Currently, the drama club uses the auditorium to perform depending on other school activities and sometimes they have had to cancel performances.

Upgrading the Little Theater would lessen the conflicts over the auditorium and would give the drama club more opportunities to perform, said Darleen Totten, drama teacher and club sponsor.

“Sometimes the drama club has to leave their props on the auditorium stage and their stuff gets broken,” said Alice High School Principal Debbie Garcia.

When the Little Theater was a performance space, students were able to create their sets right on the stage, Totten stated.

The drama club builds temporary sets that must be taken down and moved. This denies students opportunities to learn more about set design which includes physics and geometry, Totten stated.

The theatre does not have working lights, the dimmer rack processor does not work and there is no seating available. Refurbishing the Little Theater would insure the drama club has a place to rehearse, perform and will relive stress from the auditorium booking issue, Totten said.

The school has received a quote of $275 per seat.

That's just one quote, but the club still needs to raise the money, Garcia said.