Dear Editor,

There is a drastic difference between being positive and being in denial. Repeatedly, officials of the City of Alice have ignored data and analyses, which have never been refuted, that have been critical of the City's policies and actions. Subsequently, a big mess became a bigger mess.

A past official belatedly told me that the data and analyses have been consistently correct. A present official has somewhat acknowledged mistakes by publicly stating that the City "was sold ocean front property in Arizona." Yet, it does not do anyone any good to say, "I told you so."

Millions of dollars have been squandered because of various projects that were ill conceived, badly planned, and grossly mismanaged. Moreover, there has been and continues to be a tolerance of the performance of salaried officials whose level of compensation is as high as their level of incompetence. Regrettably, we, the taxpayers, have to pay for the mistakes through higher taxes, increased fees, and inferior services. Thank you for your attention.


Gonzalo Chapa Jr.