The Jim Wells County Commissioners' Court wants to be prepared to the fullest incase an emergency situation were to occur. 

"You never know when that's going to happen," Emergency Management Coordinator Lynn Kirchoff said.

Kirchoff and District Coordinator Brandi Ashby-Fisher discussed the roles and responsibilities of the commissioners in the Jim Wells County(JWC) Emergency Management Plan. 

"We're looking at where we want to be in the future," Kirchoff siad. "We want a more dedicated group of individuals that are more committed to more training, planning and exercising so we can better handle and organized the plan a little better."

Kirchoff passed out an executive guide which contained a brief overview of Emergency Management in Texas and answered any questions from those in attendance with the assistance of Ashby-Fisher.

The Emergency Management Plan's past, present and future was explained and commissioners' set goals to keep it up-to-date. JWC's plan is currently up-to-date, but Kirchoff said they need the plan to be more comprehensive.

"These are basic guidelines for the plan," Ashby-Fisher said. She told the commissioners that although Kirchoff knows a plan needs to be in place, up-to-date and submitted, a plan is not required by the government. Because JWC receives grant funds for Emergency Management, a plan must be in place.

The plans are labeled as basic, intermediate and advanced according to the level of organization and requirements met. In the event of an emergency, a reimbursement may be made for damages if the plan is at least intermediate.

Commissioner Ventura Garcia Jr. said "grants are one thing. We need to protect our people first. Money is secondary. That's why we need a plan."

"Everyone needs to know what we need to do during an emergency," JWC Judge Pete Trevino said. "When we have a united front with people who know what they're doing, counties around us will flock and do what we're doing."

Trevino said the next meeting they have about Emergency Management will be with the City of Alice. "Once we get with the city, we will have a better understanding," Trevino said. "We will become unified and get other cities involved so we can be ready."