(StatePoint) Classrooms nationwide are switching to new technologies that are helping them reduce their carbon footprints. Whether they are going paperless, installing compact fluorescent lightbulbs, or using new energy efficient projectors in classrooms, there are many ways schools are becoming greener while saving money in the process.

One important way schools are reducing energy consumption is by switching from traditional mercury lamp projectors to lamp-free ones. Using LASER & LED Hybrid Light technology, lamp-free projectors, such as those from Casio, consume one-third less power per unit than their traditional counterparts.

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Intelligent brightness control, a feature that automatically adjusts projector brightness to suit the room, conserves power by up to 50 percent. To learn more, visit www.CasioLampFree.com.

Schools seeking to make an eco-friendly choice or save money should consider switching to lamp-free projectors, which represents a savings of almost $2,500 over the course of one unitís lifespan.