The Destination Imagination (DI) State competition was held in Dallas Saturday, April 11 with two teams from Collins-Parr Elementary participating.

The two teams, Mindblowers and District 7, did not advance to the Global Finals competition.

The Mindblowers placed 11 out of 20 in the Lose to Win category. District 7 placed 19 out of 20 in The Improv Games.

The students worked hard and should be proud of themselves, Mindblowers team manager Catarino Rodriguez.

DI is a creative thinking and problem solving competition. It develops opportunities that inspire and equips students to think outside the box. The teams are encouraged to have fun, take risks and work together on challenges while incorporating STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), the arts and service learning.

This is a new event to San Diego and started out in 2012 with one elementary team. They have since grown and had a total of 6 teams, elementary and junior high.

“Every year, we keep getting better and better,” Rodriguez said. “We started off with one team who didn't advance to state, then we had one team advance to state and this year we had two teams advance.”

The teams spent months working on their projects. The students had to write their own script, make their own props and sew their own costumes.

“It's not easy to make it to state,” he said.

Team managers for District 7 were Rae Devane McLendon and Amanda Rodriguez.